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One dish cooking! Well, ok, maybe two. Anything is fair game if it can be made with minimal dishwashing afterwards!! To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to All_In_One-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Be they hot or cold, appetizers and hors d'oeuvres are my favorite kinds of foods. I could and often do make a meal of just appetizers. Looking for something in general to go with a meal, or a specific recipe, just ask. Do you have tried-and-true appetizer recipes to share, post them to the list for others to enjoy. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to appetizer-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Whether it's yeast breads or quick breads, those kneaded and crafted by hand or ones made in a bread machine, this is the list to discuss them all. Recipes will be the focus of this list, but because technique is important, this will also be discussed. Looking for a recipe for that special bread, put in a request to the other list members; find a particularly good recipe, then share it with the rest of us. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to bread-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Cooking related discussion, recipes, requests, you name it! This list is for anything cooking - and once a month you'll get the CDKitchen newsletter. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to CDKitchen-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Chicken is one of the most versatile of all foods. There doesn't seem to be an end to all the kinds of dishes you can prepare with it. The purpose of this list is to share recipes and ideas. If you have a great recipe, post it. Looking for something in particular? Put out a call to the list. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to chicken-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

With tens of thousands of cookbooks on the market today, one must be a careful shopper to make the most of available funds. What's your favorite cookbook? Post a review and a recipe or two from it; with permission from the author, I will place the best reviews in the cookbook area of my website (Mimi's Cyber Kitchen) for all to see, with credit given to the author, of course. Looking for the best cookbook for a particular cuisine, just ask. Surely, someone will be able to help. This will also be an opportunity to discuss cookbook authors, seasoned as well as up-and-coming. Obviously, the success of this list depends on group participation, so everyone is encouraged to post whatever they can. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to cookbook-reviews-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

A close-knit and chatty cooking list.

Recipes are fine, and members are certainly encouraged to share anything they wish, but recipes without a good foundation of technique sometimes fall flat. The focus of this list is to discuss the specific ways we approach different aspects of cooking. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to cooking-techniques-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Have you ever drooled over the prices of gourmet oils and vinegars in the store and thought you could save a fortune by making your own...if only you knew how? What about those special mustards and designer bbq sauces? Salsas, chutneys, anything that enhances the foods we eat. Don't settle for the drab and mundane when you could be enjoying the best condiments you've ever tasted. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to condiment-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

During the summer months, a crockpot is a terrific way to enjoy hot meals without heating up the kitchen. All through the year, they simplify our lives by allowing us to assemble ingredients in one place in a "set it and forget it" mode. For some, it's a matter of letting meals cook on low heat and having a fully prepared dinner when we come home from a hard day at work. Many people still think of a slow cooker as a casserole convenience, but those who have been using them for years will tell you they're good for a lot more: soups, hot beverages, breads, and desserts, to name a few. Share recipes and techniques with other list members. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to crockpot-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Want to highlight whatever fruit happens to be in season? Looking for something for a special dinner or a healthy treat for weekday dinner? Don't won't to give up dessert even though you're diabetic or on a diet? Join with others to share recipes sure to please. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to dessert-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Whether religious or secular, holidays are naturally associated with food. Share your favorites with other list members and glean new fare from others. In all cases, members MUST show tolerance and sensitivity toward the religious beliefs and customs of others. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to holiday-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Every year, as we approach the holidays, we look for gifts that come with the special touches only we can provide. Common ideas are mixes (cocoa, soups, etc., with instructions for preparations tucked neatly inside), homemade mustards, oils, vinegars, and potpourri made from the flowers in your summer garden. The purpose of this list is to share ideas, suggestions, and recipes, to discuss the craft side of decorating our gifts, and to request help when you just don't know where to begin...or how to end. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to kitchen-gifts-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

There are thousands of recipe mailing lists; this is not one of them. The purpose of this list is to provide a forum to share those terrific ideas for making life better and easier in the kitchen. My personal favorite: nuke a lemon for 30-45 seconds before squeezing to get more juice from it. Even non-cooks do certain things that we can learn from; certainly the avid cooks among us have lots of tricks up their sleeves they're dying to share. Post away, friends! To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to kitchen-tricks-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Any and all recipes in MasterCook (or compatible) format. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to MC_Recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

We're talking red meats here...beef, veal, lamb, bison, pork, game...if it comes on 4 legs, it's in. Meats are terrificly versatile...steaks, roasts, ground...sausages, burgers, sliced...you name it. This list will deal with recipes as well as menu and serving suggestions, and techniques. Recipes for weeknight dinners and those for company. We even welcome discussions on all meat-related topics...even wine pairings. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to meat-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Pasta has always been a great alternative to meat. It's low in fat and cholesterol, and it's an inexpensive way to fill your tummy. Plus it's versatile. Great for every course, from appetizers to desserts. So share your favorites and post your requests for others to help you out. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to pasta-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

This is the official mailing list of the rec.food.recipes USENET newsgroup. Get all the recipe posts directly to your email. Special posting guidelines apply so be sure to read the welcome message carefully. No chat on this list, only tons of recipes and daily requests. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to rec_food_recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

A very active, established recipe list.

With folks cutting down on their consumption of red meat, offerings from the sea and fresh waters around the world have become more popular than ever. Share your favorite recipes or try those posted by others. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to seafood-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

For exchanging easy-to-make recipes. Any "simple" recipes are welcome. (Jamie's Note: This is a high-volume, high quality list...lots of fun to belong to!) To subscribe, send a blank message to SimpleMeals-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

Hot or cold, meat, vegetable, seafood or fruit, clear or creamed, soups are more popular year-round than ever before, and the variations are infinite. Share your favorites or request something in particular. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to soup-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

This list has many purposes:
- To share vegetarian recipes of all levels (lacto, ovo, vegan)
- To help those who are considering a vegetarian lifestyle make their choice
- To provide delicious alternatives to what some consider a limited diet
- To assist in sharing cooking techniques related to vegetarian cooking
- To share information about specific restaurants or dining out in general

*This will not, however, be a forum for debate regarding veganism vs. other forms of vegetarianism, nor for the discussion of animal rights.

It is not necessary to be a vegetarian to join and participate. Even non-vegetarians often seek recipes for meatless meals, and it's also nice to entertain friends and family who do not eat meat. And who knows...some might decide to eat more vegetarian meals or simply give up meat altogether.

Discussion on this list is limited to posting recipes or recipe requests, questions about recipes and the food side of vegetarianism, ingredients (including substitutions for flesh products), preparation, cookbooks, cooking tips and techniques, tips on restaurants and dining out in general, and product resources. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to vegetarian-recipes-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

A new list for sharing recipes. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to RecipesAreUs-subscribe@YahooGroups.com

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