Links to Other Mastercook/Meal-Master Files

Angie's Recipe Collection -- Several files to download, in Mastercook or Mealmaster Format

BBQ Mailing List Recipe Archive -- Two downloadable files in MC format.

BBQ Porch Recipes -- Recipes from The Porch mailing list in Mastercook format.

Bill Hatcher's Place -- Recipes by type in Mastercook format, both MC4 and MC5/6.

Bearlovers (Lin Field's Recipe Page) -- Scroll down to the bottom of the page to download CyberRealm and Kooknet recipes in Mealmaster format.

Bread Bakers Mailing List Archive -- Over 10 years of recipes from this popular mailing list are available as downloadable zips (or text) in MC format.

British Barbecue -- A collection of BBQ recipes in Mastercook format.

Country Recipes from Kentucky -- A collection of Mastercook format recipes by type. These are as HTML files, so a little tricky to import. (I suggest copying the webpage and pasting them into your text editor.)

Duckspool Cookbook -- One Mastercook file or cookbook to download.

Eat-LF Mailing list archive -- Over 5 years of recipes from this popular mailing list are available as downloadable zips (or text) in MC format.

Fareshare Mailing List -- If you join this mailing list (in which all the recipes are in MC format!) can download past recipes in Mastercook format.

Gail Shermeyer's collection of Mastercook files -- If you use a PC, check out Gail's MC helper program, MCTag-It, while you are there!

Garry's Favorite Recipes -- 1 file of Mastercook recipes to download

Glen's Mealmaster Recipe Archive -- 140,000 in Meal Master format, from the man who brought you Buster.

Hoosier BBQ -- A Mastercook file of BBQ recipes

Indaweb Mastercookbook -- A collection of recipes, by type, in Mastercook format.

Karl's Mealmaster Archive -- A huge collection of recipes formatted for Meal-Master by type of recipe.

Karla's Recipes -- Save her recipe pages as a text file, and you can import them into Mastercook

KitPath's Healthy Cookbooks

Lu's Mastercook Recipe archive - A collection of Mastercook files, zipped for download.

Mad's Recipe Emporium -- One of my absolute favorites...a huge collection of Mastercook formatted recipes. Lots of TVFN shows and other recipe collections Mr. Mad has found to format!'s Recipe Library -- Text files (just save them) from the now-defunct Recipe Library of Sierra's Mastercook site

McNalley Rally Recipes -- A couple of files to download in Meal-Master Format.

Mexican Recipes by Patricia Wreidt -- One small zipped Mastercook file of Mexican recipes to download.

OAMC Recipes -- A file of Once-A-Month Cooking recipes in Mastercook format

Now Your Cooking Software Download Page -- Lost of Meal-Master formatted recipes here, including ones from the now defunct Gemini & Leo's page. Some of the files are in the old Meal-Master format, and will not import directly into Mastercook.

Recipe Megas -- Text files of MC recipes to save to your computer.

Sabina's Internet Picks -- Just one Mastercook file so far....though more are promised on the page

Sherie's Kitchen (Geocities | Own Domain) -- Several Mastercook and Meal-Master files to download at the Geocities site; only the Diabetic recipes are in MC format at her own domain.

Steve's Recipe Page --A small collection of Mastercook files

Sue's Mastercook files

A UK FTP site of Meal Master recipes

UK Vegetarian Chilihead -- A couple of files to download in MC5 format.

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