About the Collections

About the Webmistress. Grassroots Recipes Mastercook Collections was started by Jamie Rahm in the Winter of 2002. Jamie is the listmom to several Mastercook formatting lists at YahooGroups. She had been frustrated while trying to download some other formatters' Mastercook collections: links that didn't work, ISPs that went out business, free servers that allowed only limited traffic, etc. So she had the idea of creating a permanent place in cyberspace where Mastercook formatters could freely share their recipes.

About the Collections. These collections were gathered from a variety of formatters when Jamie put out the call to her recipe lists and other formatters. They are the individual formatter's collections of recipes, usually by type, though sometimes one cookbook of family favorites. Many of the files have been altered to include reference to this website and to clean-up some formatting problems. This is not to say that these files are perfect! There will be problems/issues with some of the recipes. If you collect/format recipes into Mastercook...you know what I mean! Exercise caution...if something seems odd about a recipe.

Jamie Rahm's Files. I've collected and formatted Mastercook recipes for a long while. The files here are mirrors of the cookbooks I've been working on all this time. The swap files contain recipes that I've collected from my listmembers over the past few years for my annual list swaps; these files' zip archive contain lot of smaller text files that list the recipes by category.

Jamie's Dislikes. I just can't throw a recipe away! I've been on recipe cooking lists since 1998...and have a hard time tossing a recipe...even if I don't like or am allergic to certain ingredients. So I've collected a lot of them here. This is the one set of files that is NOT in Mastercook format. Not in Mastercook, not prettified...just a bunch of recipes using a certain ingredient. Enjoy!

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